One special day in Antigua

One special day in Antigua – Shopping Advice From Cruise Shop Save

Antigua cruise port


That’s all it takes Antigua is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  The cruise ships dock right in the downtown area. It’s easy and accessible to literally step off the gangway into the shops at either Heritage Quay or Nevis Pier.  Both locations are right in St. John’s within easy walking distance to everything. Shuttle service isn’t needed due to the proximity to town.

If you want to explore the island or head to a beach, Antigua has 365 for you to choose from.  The Taxis are located just in front of the Cruise ship dock. Rates are set by the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board. More information on travel, shopping and visiting Antigua here.

Antigua is very special to me mainly because of the great friends I met over the years, Mr & Mrs. Beth Abbotts, whom I adore and always call in to say hi. They are the owners of an exceptional shopping in antiguajewelry boutique called Sterling’s just got everything you would want to shop for in the Islands Pandora charms, Marahlago, Alex & Ani for my American friends.  The crème de la crème is most certainly their fantastic selection of Hearts on Fire Diamonds, aptly named the ‘world’s most perfectly cut diamond.’ Let me ask you, what do you need in a diamond? A diamond’s only job is ‘to sparkle’ I hear you cry, and you would be right.  When you look through a microscope, this diamond is cut to perfection, refracting perfect light dispersion.  Look for yourself at Sterling’s magnificent collection but trust me when I say staring at a picture of a diamond or a digital image doesn’t do it justice go and see these diamonds for yourself; it is a magical experience.

For luxury brands, more diamonds darling, the ever-popular Tanzanite’s check out Diamonds International, Paul has been there forever and has exceptional customer service.  Who does not love buying their favorite brands such as John Hardy, Cartier, Breitling, Gucci, Tag Heuer, and Philip Stein saving tax and duty?


diamond shopping in AntiguaDiamonds International has an exclusive diamond only available in their locations around the Caribbean. This diamond cut provides superior fire and sparkle with their patented unique design. Browse the collection of diamond rings, earrings, and more!

The premium 90 faceted Crown of Light diamond is a stunning triumph of cutting expertise fused with ingenious design. The diamond’s strategically positioned facets create an innovative cut, distinguished by its magnificent dome, which hones the diamond’s breathtaking superior sparkle and fire, and gives diamond connoisseurs a unique cutting edge design.

Abbots Jewelers is your only authorized dealer for your Rolex watches, John Hardy, and many more brands.

My other dear friends Liz Minors and her daughter Nikki have lived in Antigua for 38 years.  They own and operate one of my favorite swimwear, beachwear, and clothing boutiques called Sunseakers. I shop there every time I am in Antigua, and I know many cruise ship guests do the same.

Another excellent jewelry boutique that has been there long before I arrived on the scene 22 years ago is Goldsmitty, with a gorgeous array of extraordinarily unique and rare gemstones.  Hans and Nancy Smit, the owners, travel the ends of the earth for gemstone mines, once Hans has the rough stones in his hands he creates a setting around the stone to enhance the natural beauty.  I highly recommend a visit to Goldsmitty’s

You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need to take piles of the local currency the Eastern Caribbean Dollars ashore to shop because US dollars and major Credit Cards are accepted in all the guaranteed and recommended stores listed on this map.

Banks and ATM’s are available when you get off the ship, subscribe and download all your free maps showing where they are located, please be mindful of local banking hours.

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For the best lunch check-out, Cloggy’s in English Harbour great salads and wine menu family-run will forever

For dinner, I recommend Le Bistro, owned by a fabulous French restaurant open since 1981, consistently spectacular

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Sterlings –

Sunseaker’s –

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