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Saving Money in Port on a Cruise.

There are some fantastic cruise deals around, but what about getting off the ship and exploring the ports? You want to enjoy the ports, but the ship’s tours are expensive.…
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Princess Cruises Medallion App.

Cruise Addicted and Princess Cruises Medallion App. This week I chatted with Port Explorer Cathy Rogers. We have been friends for a while and share a love of all this…
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Should You Buy Gemstones On A Cruise?

Is Buying A Gemstone In The Cruise Ship Boutiques Really A Good Deal? This week we find out if you are getting a great deal shopping for Gemstones on a…
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Secrets To Cruising To St Kitts and Nevis.

Secrets To Cruising To St Kitts and Nevis. Visit secluded beaches such as Majors Bay, tips on enjoying this beach to the maximum below. Four ship day in St. Kitts.…
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