Melissa Davis Bio & Cruise Shop Save Story.

Melissa Davis on Scarlet Lady - Virgin VoyagesCurious about Melissa Davis and how Cruise Shop Save came to be?  Wondering why anyone who has booked a cruise visits this website before they go on their cruise?

Below is the professional journey of our founder Melissa Davis how she grew from running Port Shopping Programs on Cruise ships to providing Port Shopping information to all cruisers.   
After running shopping programs on Crystal Cruises, Regent, Oceania, Viking, and Marella and launching the first and only onshore shopping program on Viking River Cruises.  She decided to create an online recommended and guaranteed shopping program for everyone.
With hundreds of Cruise Port Maps, and a long list of fabulous recommended and guaranteed retailers and brands in each port.  Tried and tested Major attractions and best beaches we have all your Cruise Port information.
With highly designed maps with pinpoint accuracy, you can easily see where your ship is docked and how to get into town.  You can’t leave home without your Cruise Port Maps.

Hi, I’m Melissa Davis,

Melissa Davis onboard Virgin Voyages.Since we’re here together talking about cruises, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself and how I became the number one Online Port Shopping Guide.  After working with several amazing cruise lines and cruised a lot myself I was surprised to see not all Cruise lines provide accurate Port Maps when the ships arrive in port.  This surprised me because I thought all cruise lines provided port shopping info but not so.  It was then I decided to put all my Cruise Port Insider Secrets online so everyone could access it.

Flip-flopping from Ship to Ship.

My cruise ship career started as a Fitness Instructor working for Steiner Transocean on the Old Noordam.  I couldn’t wait for my time off in port so I could explore the ports either on my own or with willing friends.  I felt like I was submerging myself in the culture and meeting wonderful people along the way.  For me sometimes this is way better than a tour.  I also do this day have artefacts, indigenous souvenirs and amazing pieces of jewellery and art in my home from these wonderful experiences.
Fitness Instructor to Shopping Lecturer.
Even though I loved being a Fitness Instructor I hated working on my Port Days.  So when a position came up as a Shopping Lecturer I jumped at the chance.  For the next 7 years, I went from ship to ship running Lectures and helping cruise ship guests navigate the Ports of call.  Back then the maps were terrible.

Claim to Fame.

One day I was wandering around St. Thomas and I ran into Esther Rantzen, a UK Journalist.  After saying Hi we ended up shopping together and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  When I was Port Shopping Guide on the biggest cruise ship in the world (at the time) Voyager of the Seas I met some of The Osmonds they were lovely.  Always came to my Port Shopping ShowMerrill Osmond especially was just wonderful.

Free San Juan Cruise Port Map.Free Cruise Port Maps.

So now I have all these amazing Cruise Port Maps, so they are yours just head over to the FREE Maps page – put in the search bar where you are going.  Sign up with your email address and get downloading.  You will have to pop your email in for each map but you will only be subscribed once. When you’re subscribed you will be useful Cruise Port Information, Insider Secrets and Coupons.   Feel free to share this website with anyone you know who is cruising.  

Shopping Coupons

If you are a shopper or even if you just want to explore the wonderful products from each destination or snag a souvenir for a loved one back home.  Then you can also get the Shopping Coupons.  Again just click on the coupon page put the port in where you are visiting and start downloading the coupons.  I do recommend downloading the map to go with the coupons so you can locate the stores when you arrive in port.
Going on a cruise soon and have a question just email me I have all your cruise port tips, maps and coupons – Book a FREE call with me for information and tips about your upcoming cruise ports.  Click this link.

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