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If you are interested in advertising your business with Cruise Shop Save you’ve made the right choice.

Reach millions of cruisers as they book their cruise and get your business on platform so cruisers know about you and choose to visit and shop with you during their cruise

Advertisers - what they gain
Target cruise passengers

Your business on the local map

Cruisers subscribe with us online while they browse and book cruises. We know when they are going to cruise, and we send them their free shopping maps and your coupons so they can redeem during their journey.

Making your business a local must-visit location.

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Call Cruisers to Action

Breakthrough all the advertising noise and get in front of your customers now. Advertise your retail establishment online where most travelers are booking cruises now. Cruisers will download the maps and visit you during their journey. Go one step further and add a coupon to encourage engagement and sales. 

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Find the Benefit

Attract cruisers to your retail location, create an exciting coupon offer online through our website and social media platforms. Billions of people book online; it makes sense to advertise using this platform and increase your business without paying high advertising fees and ridiculous commissions, that limit the offers you can give cruisers.

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Cut the Fluff

It’s an online coupon advert and a listing on a map that will be used by cruisers, not a redundant, expensive advertising program. Learn how to summarise your most essential promotions for an advertising platform that’s concise and targeted yet still creative. 

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