How to Walk to Old San Juan from Cruise Port.

Walking from the San Juan Cruise Port to Old San Juan and Beyond.

Walking from the cruise port to Old San Juan is a delightful journey filled with historic charm and scenic views. Follow this step-by-step walking route to make the most of your time as you venture into the heart of Old San Juan, download your San Juan Map here.

Short cut from San Juan Cruise port to Old San Juan.

Walking Route from Cruise Port to Old San Juan:

  1. Exit the Cruise Terminal: As you disembark from your cruise ship, head towards the main exit of the cruise terminal. You’ll find clear signage directing you to the exit.
  2. Paseo Gilberto Concepción de Gracia: Once outside the terminal, you’ll enter Paseo Gilberto Concepción de Gracia, a picturesque waterfront promenade. Enjoy the sea breeze and take in the views of the harbour.
  3. Follow the Waterfront Path: Continue walking along the waterfront path, keeping the water on your right. This scenic route offers glimpses of the historic forts and the cityscape of San Juan.
  4. Turn Right up Tanca Street: This is a delightful shortcut to Old San Juan most cruisers miss out on these beautiful colorful streets full of gorgeous boutiques, cafe bars, and charm.  Some perfect photo opportunities.
  5. Then turn left on Fortaleza Street: This is the most photographed street in San Juan also known as Umbrella Street.  As you meander down this street you have to visit the boutiques and the recommended boutiques listed on the map.  Quench your thirst with a Mohito at the Parrot Club.   Then you can either carry on to Fortaleza or turn right to get to more Major Attractions.  El Convento which is now a beautiful hotel, if you have time for lunch this place is amazing.
  6. Plaza de Armas: You can also reach Plaza de Armas, the main square of Old San Juan. Here, you’ll find historic landmarks, including the City Hall and the San Juan Cathedral.Aerial view of old San Juan, Puerto Rico and Plaza del totem.
  7. Explore Old San Juan: From Plaza de Armas, you can explore the narrow streets of Old San Juan, visit historic forts like El Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • The walking distance from the cruise port to Old San Juan is approximately 1.5 to 2 miles, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Allow at least 30-45 minutes for the walk, depending on your pace and the time you spend exploring along the way.
  • If you prefer a more leisurely journey, consider stopping at cafes or shops that catch your interest.
By following this route, you’ll not only experience the beauty of Old San Juan, but you can enjoy the guaranteed and recommended shopping.  But also get a sense of the city’s rich history and cultural heritage along the way. Enjoy your walk!  Download your San Juan Map by clicking here.

Here are some specific questions I also get asked about San Juan:

  1. How far is the Umbrella Street in San Juan from the cruise port?

Umbrella Street, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
One of Old San Juan’s most Instagram-worthy spots is the famous Umbrella Street.  A kaleidoscope of colours is suspended above the cobblestone streets. Fortunately, it’s just a short distance from the cruise port. It is on Calle de la Fortaleza now known as Umbrella Street.  You can opt for a leisurely walk or choose from the available transportation options.  Making it a convenient and must-visit location during your visit.
  1. How much time do you need in Old San Juan?

Time is of the essence, especially when your cruise schedule is tight. To fully appreciate the charm of Old San Juan, aim for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours. This timeframe allows you to explore historic forts, wander through vibrant streets, and indulge in local cuisine. Remember, the more time you allocate, the more you can immerse yourself in the city’s unique atmosphere.
  1. Is San Juan a walkable city?

Old San Juan is a pedestrian-friendly paradise. Its compact layout, well-maintained sidewalks, and historical landmarks make it an ideal city to explore on foot. As you stroll through the colourful streets.  You’ll encounter captivating architecture, charming shops, and enticing cafes. Comfortable footwear is a must to fully enjoy the enchanting streets of Old San Juan.

Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. Can you walk to the beach from the Puerto Rico cruise port?

While Old San Juan itself is not directly on the beach.  The beautiful Atlantic Ocean is within walking distance from the cruise port. Follow the scenic route along the waterfront to bask in the sun and sink your toes into the sand. Alternatively, consider a short taxi ride to Condado Beach.  Renowned for its golden shores and lively atmosphere.
  1. Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

For those seeking a touch of luxury and breathtaking ocean views.  The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel is a short drive from Old San Juan. This historic hotel offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern elegance.  Making it an excellent choice for a relaxing escape.
  1. La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort

Situated near the vibrant Condado district, the La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort is another top-notch option for visitors. With its sleek design, beachfront location, and various amenities.  It provides a delightful blend of relaxation and entertainment, ensuring a memorable stay.

Condado beach area San Juan, Puerto Rico


Navigating from the Puerto Rico cruise port to Old San Juan is a seamless experience with a bit of strategic planning. By exploring the iconic Umbrella Street.  Understanding the ideal time to spend in Old San Juan, appreciating the city’s walkability, and discovering nearby beach options.  You can create lasting memories during your visit to this historic and picturesque destination. Whether you choose to explore the vibrant streets or relax on the nearby beaches.   Old San Juan has something for every traveller.

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