How Cruising Can Help Change Your Life.

Sailing Towards Transformation: Cruising Can Help Change Your Life and Boost Mental Well-being.

Embark on a cruise of self-discovery with eight steps below on “how cruising can help change your life”. Discover the stress-relief haven aboard cruise ships.  Explore the healing power of ocean therapy, and unlock the potential for social connection at sea. Dive into the culinary journey, shaping mindful habits, and building resilience through navigating challenges. Your cruise reflections post-voyage can solidify positive changes in behaviour. Explore beyond a vacation – discover the transformative power of cruising for your mental well-being.

Cruise ship in the Pacific Islands.

1. Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery

  • Taking a cruise can simply pluck you from your everyday life, the stresses, the obligations and the treadmill and plop you into a world of luxury, magic, adventure and positive vibes.  After a cruise, your life will not feel the same again.  You can go home and find joy in the things you do and share your memories with your family and friends.
  • Cruises leave you buzzing and wanting more.  The safety and security of a cruise allow you to be more of yourself, gently encouraging you to feel relaxed, entertained, emersed in fun and dare I say feel like a kid again.  Cruising is a big part of your personal growth, exploring new places, meeting like-minded people and forging cruise memories that are immortalized in your brain.  Because it will be the one thing you talk about to friends and family for the rest of your life.Man looking a a Cruise ship.

2. Mindful Escape: Cruising as a Stress-Relief Haven

  • The most obvious stress relief is the sea, just the simple act of looking over at the sea from your balcony or anywhere on deck brings peace and tranquillity to your breathing.  The sea air on your skin and the freedom the feeling of sailing the seas gives you just allows you to expand.  Depending on the ship you choose to cruise on evokes a serene environment of a cruise ship that acts as a haven for stress relief.  If you are looking for stress relief simply choose a smaller ship.  Less crowds, more of a slowed-down pace and more culture in the entertainment will help with lowering your stress levels.
  • Just one cruise as a mindful escape is an essential aspect of how cruising can help change your life.   You may decide that one cruise is enough but after years of cruising and talking to thousands of first-time cruisers.  Cruising will end up being a yearly vacation getaway simply for the stress relief you experience.

Cruising solo is an amazing experience, you get your alone time to think and beathe.

3. Ocean Therapy: The Healing Power of Seascapes

  • To truly capture the benefits of the healing power of a cruise seascape.  Pick a cruise that offers plenty of beaches.  Destinations like the Caribbean, some Mediterranean cruises, and Australia.   Delve into the concept of relaxing on beaches getting that all-important Ocean therapy” and its positive effects on mental health.  Walking along the beach feeling the sand in your toes, paddling or swimming in the ocean.  Perhaps even snorkelling, Kayaking or even enjoying a recreational dive.   All contributing to some much-needed Ocean Therapy.
  • Spending time in the Ocean, around the Ocean and on the Ocean will positively impact your life.  There is something about looking out at the ocean off into the distance at an endless skyline.  Not to mention witnessing gorgeous life-changing sunrises and sunsets.  Just being around the Ocean has the immense healing power of seascapes.

Silhouettes of people against a sunset on a cruise ship.

4. Social Connection at Sea: Breaking Barriers

  • Social Connection is so important to humans.  The unique social dynamics on a cruise ship and how it provides opportunities for connection.  It doesn’t matter if you are extremely shy, an introvert, extrovert there is something for everyone.  After 27 years of cruising, I see cruisers change the minute they walk up the gangway.  Suddenly they become friendly, kind, and connected.  The crew of course play a big role in this, always smiling welcoming and kind.  I have met frequent cruisers who met each other decades ago and they insist on cruising together year after year.
  • There are casual opportunities to connect onboard a cruise ship so it’s not awkward or weird.  At breakfast in the buffet, in the line to disembark or when you sit down to watch a show.  Also by sitting next to someone by the pool.  Sometimes you can sit with other guests during dinner.  Either way, you can talk to as many guests as you like and if you don’t get along or you are uncomfortable and do not like their vibe you can simply make your excuses and move along.  No worries.

5. Cruise Cuisine and Mental Wellness: A Culinary Journey

  • Cruise cuisine often offers a diverse range of high-quality food options. Enjoying delicious and well-prepared meals contributes to a positive mood and overall well-being.  Trying something new.  But let’s not forget just someone else preparing, cooking and doing the washing up.  Give us that well-earned break and step off that treadmill I talked about earlier.
  • The cruise dining experience encourages mindful eating, as passengers savour meals in a relaxed setting, potentially leading to healthier eating habits.  High-quality expertly cooked food by top chefs and their galley staff.  The salads and exotic fruits on offer also add to our mental wellness and overall feeling better about ourselves.

Wine Tour with food in Santorini, Greece.

6. Navigating Challenges: Building Resilience

  • Overcoming Adversity: Not every moment on a cruise may be smooth, and facing challenges such as weather changes or itinerary adjustments can build resilience.  A sense of going with the flow. Sometimes when there is a change in weather or an itinerary change cruisers can react negatively.  But how about you relish in the spontaneity it brings?  Being a cruise shop offers a safe environment to reframe how you react to adversity.
  • Personal Growth: Navigating obstacles during a cruise can lead to personal growth, instilling a sense of accomplishment and adaptability.  With all the years I have been cruising the countless times I have witnessed guests saying I would never do that at home.  Cruising is a safe environment to learn how to dance, go shopping around the port, and explore a different tour.  Perhaps scuba dive or snorkel for the first time.  The exhilaration I see in guest’s eyes when they try something new is overwhelming and makes me happy for their growth journey

7. Mindful Activities Onboard: Shaping Habits

  • Cruises provide a plethora of onboard activities, from fitness classes to sports facilities. Engaging in physical activities releases endorphins, promoting a positive mental state.  As I said earlier learning to dance for example gives guests such a buzz.
  • Shore excursions and outdoor activities allow passengers to connect with nature, further enhancing mental well-being.  Like Ziplining through a rainforest, visiting the ice caves in Norway, or snorkelling on a catamaran trip.  Or it can just be visiting a spectacular beach, relaxing with a great book while you doodle with your big toe in the sand.  Taking the odd dip in the gorgeous azure-blue ocean just to cool off.  Darling it all helps to connect with nature and find that stress relief from taking a cruise brings.  Check out some wild tours using this link just search the ports you are visiting and see what amazing tours are on offer.
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This is Paradise Beach in Nassau, take the shuttle bus over the bridge and your there.

8. Cruise Reflections: A Transformative Post-Voyage Perspective

  • Reflecting on the cruise experience after disembarking allows cruise guests to gain perspective on their journey.  The memories that stay with us after a cruise can last lifetimes.  The glow from those memories helps transform lives and keeps cruisers coming back for more.
  • This reflection may contribute to a more positive outlook on life.  Potentially leading to lasting changes in behaviour and mindset.  My advice is to book your next cruise so you have something to look forward to.  A wonderful cruise perhaps on a different cruise line or even a different destination and keep that positive mindset going.


In conclusion, cruising impacts mental well-being by providing a unique combination of relaxation, social connection, sensory experiences, and opportunities for personal growth. The overall immersive and rejuvenating nature of a cruise contributes to a positive impact on passengers’ mental health.

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