Best Way To Get Around Grand Turk

Grand Turk is a small island that packs in a lot for Cruisers. Everything is close to the ships dock.

Grand Turk Cruise ship Dock.

You’ve got the Beach, Shopping, Bars and Restaurants. Here is the Best Way To Get Around Grand Turk.

  1. Walk from the ship to Cruise Ship Beach (Sunray Beach)

  2. Hit the shops also a short walk from the Beach, read on for what’s good to buy here.

  3. Fancy lunch, a cocktail or some Margarita type fun, then visit the largest Margaritaville in the Caribbean. Just a short walk away from the ships dock.

  4. If you feel like exploring the island, the best way is to rent a car, jeep, scooter, or the ATV 4 x 4 are fun too, albeit more expensive.

  5. There is no public transport, so the other alternative is to take a Taxi.

Walk from the ship to Cruise Ship Beach (Sunray Beach).

Lovely Beach and tends to have a rocky bottom which is a bit like mine lol but if you walk further north, which will improve. There are several Beach Bars to grab refreshments, so you don’t have to carry too much.
Another fabulous beach is Governor’s Beach, not far from Grand Turk Cruise Center its a mile (1.4km) away, but it’s not possible to walk along the coast from the Cruise terminal as the main port for Grand Turk blocks a small section of the way. The Road is not a good option either as there are no paths, sidewalks and very few directions.
A taxi should cost about $4 (2020) per person each way to and from the Cruise Center. Be aware that taxi drivers may charge more than this fare if it’s busy. If you rent a recommended vehicle (see below), then there is ample free parking if you have a rental vehicle.
Governor’s Beach from the Cruise Center
Governor’s Beach, located a short distance from the Grand Turk Cruise Center, is the most excellent Beach on the island. Here you’ll find unbelievably crystal water and white sand.
Continuing north of Governor’s Beach is English Point Beach. The Beach and ocean here tend to be a bit rockier, the best beach for snorkelling mainly because of the easy access.
Cockburn Town Beach and Pillory Beach front the country’s capital Cockburn Town. The occasional jetty or seawall only breaks up the beautiful and sheltered beaches.
Much of the east coast of Grand Turk consists of beaches; however, due to being exposed to the constant eastern trade winds, large amounts of seaweed and debris typically cover the sand. The beaches on this side of the island are fun to explore and beach comb, yet are poor for swimming.

Hit the shops also a short walk from the Beach:

The Shops in Grand Turk are a stones through from the ships dock.
The Cruise Terminal has the usual tourist gift and souvenir shops, art galleries, and jewellers at the Grand Turk Cruise Center. Some of these stores are regional chains, such as the Ron Jon Surf Shop, Margaritaville Trading Post, Dufry duty-free, and Diamonds International.
Dufry sell your typical tax and duty free products such as Jewelry, Watches, Liquor, Tobacco, Souvenirs, Luxury leather hand bags and more.
Diamonds International for Fine Jewelry and watches contact us for the latest discounts and savings
If you’re interested in finding an authentic Turks and Caicos gift, see Shopping in the Turks and Caicos for ideas. The National Museum and a few other shops also offer local items.

Fancy lunch, a cocktail or some Margarita type fun, then visit the largest Margaritaville in the Caribbean.

If you’re want to enjoy some good old Caribbean food and fun then check out: Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville a short walk away in the Cruise Terminal, and Jack’s Shack. Both eateries serve a menu of American and international grill favourites such as burgers, sandwiches, grilled seafood, and chicken.
Margaritaville has an expansive swimming pool at the Cruise Center, and Jack’s Shack has located a short walk up the coast on a perfect piece of beach with crystal clear ocean water.
The cruise centre is also home to the only Starbucks coffee shop in the Turks and Caicos, which opened in late 2019.
There are quite a few restaurants in Cockburn Town and near Pillory Beach, including the gourmet Guanahani Restaurant at the Bohio Dive Resort.

If you feel like exploring the island, the best way is to rent a car, jeep, scooter, or the ATV 4 x 4 are fun too.

Convertible cars to rent in Grand Turk gives you a lot of freedom to explore. Thanks to Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash 
for the image.
Grand Turk is 6.950 sq miles, approximately 7 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. It’s the best island to rent a vehicle and find your freedom.
Recommend booking these before you arrive if you are with several ships then you will struggle to rent a vehicle of your choice.  Booking early gets you a great selection of vehicles to choose from on Grand Turk. There are cars, jeeps, golf carts, scooters, 4×4 buggies, and ATVs.
The most economical is the typical compact car, which is also usually the most practical choice due to its air conditioning and sun protection, click this link to check the latest rates.
The most fun is Scooters, carts and buggies, but the downsides are a higher rental cost and you need plenty of sun protection, Grand Turk is extremely hot and I have seen some terribly sunburned tourists after a day out on a scooter.

Please note when renting vehicles:

  1. There isn’t much offroading so a 4 x 4 isn’t really necessary apart from the fun of driving one but you don’t need it.
  2. Pay attention to the speed limits there are some in Grand Turk.
  3. Don’t be tempted to drive on the beach, on salinas, or wetland mudflats. It’s easy to get stuck in these unstable environments, and you’ll cause lasting damage by driving on them.
  4. If you are in a big group you will need to reserve well in advance the Larger luxury SUVs and vans but there are limited quantities so book early here is a link Tony’s Car Rentals
Car rental pickup and drop off typically occurs outside the entrance to the interior pedestrian plaza of the Grand Turk Cruise Center in the case of cruise visitors, or outside the small terminal at the Grand Turk JAGS McCartney International Airport (GDT).

You may have heard of the famous ships wreck on Governor’s Beach. This vessel, the Mega One Triton, was washed ashore during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  The wreck was removed in early 2020, costing the taxpayers $3.7 million.