Unleashing Retail Bliss: A Shopper’s Guide to Exquisite Treasures in Alaska.

Below are the top shopping destinations in Alaska this blog will guide you through the top shopping spots in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway.

Welcome to the breathtaking wilderness of Alaska.  Where towering glaciers, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife captivate visitors from around the world. Amidst this natural splendour lies a shopping experience like no other. Alaska offers a unique blend of indigenous art, handcrafted souvenirs, and local delicacies that make for unforgettable shopping adventures. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through the best shopping destinations in Alaska.  From bustling markets and charming boutiques to hidden gems tucked away in remote corners. Prepare to unleash your inner shopaholic and discover exquisite treasures that will forever remind you of your Alaskan odyssey.


Juneau: Captivating Capital of Shopping in Alaska.

 Nestled amidst stunning natural scenery, Juneau is the capital of Alaska.  Juneau offers a captivating shopping experience that seamlessly blends the grandeur of the outdoors with the charm of a bustling city. As you explore the streets of Juneau, you’ll be greeted by an array of shops, boutiques, and art galleries.   Each offers a unique perspective on the spirit of Alaska.  Juneau has the best selection of shops all very close to the ship, from fine jewellery, and brands to unique Alaskan art and oh yes there is Fudge lots of Alaskan Fudge.

Exploring Franklin Street: Juneau’s Main Shopping District.

The heart of Juneau’s shopping scene lies along the historic Franklin Street.  A pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare lined with an enticing assortment of shops and boutiques. This vibrant district invites you to take a leisurely stroll and immerse yourself in a world of retail bliss.
Franklin Street presents an eclectic mix of establishments.  Ranging from quaint gift shops to upscale boutiques. Step into a charming store and browse through an array of handpicked treasures.  Including locally crafted artwork, hand-knitted garments, and decorative items that reflect the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Art enthusiasts will find themselves drawn to the many art galleries that grace Franklin Street. These galleries showcase the talents of local artists.  Featuring a diverse range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours and intricate details that capture the essence of Alaska’s awe-inspiring natural wonders.
In addition to art, Franklin Street is also known for its unique speciality shops. Discover stores dedicated to Alaskan-made products.  Where you can find everything from gourmet foods and beverages to skincare products infused with natural botanicals indigenous to the region. These carefully curated selections offer a true taste of Alaska and make for exceptional souvenirs to cherish long after your visit.
As you wander through the shops. Take a moment to engage with the friendly store owners and staff. Their passion for their craft and knowledge of the local area add an extra layer of depth to your shopping experience. They can offer insights into the stories behind the products, recommend hidden gems to explore, or share tips on the best places to savour the local cuisine.
Franklin Street truly encapsulates the vibrant essence of Juneau’s shopping scene. Whether you’re in search of a unique gift.  An artistic masterpiece, or a taste of authentic Alaska, this lively district will leave you captivated and inspired. 

Ketchikan – Where Artistry Meets Adventure:

Ketchikan, known as the “Gateway to the Inside Passage.” Offers a shopping experience where artistry intertwines with the adventurous spirit of Alaska. With a backdrop of mist-shrouded mountains and pristine wilderness.  This coastal town is a haven for those seeking unique and culturally significant souvenirs.

Strolling Along Creek Street: Charming Shops and Local Goods.

Creek Street is an iconic boardwalk perched on pilings above Ketchikan Creek.  It’s a must-visit destination for shoppers seeking a glimpse into Ketchikan’s rich history and an opportunity to explore its diverse shopping offerings.
As you amble along the wooden planks of Creek Street.  The charming storefronts beckon you to step inside and discover the treasures they hold. Here, you’ll find an abundance of locally made goods and crafts, each reflecting the artistic spirit and cultural heritage of Alaska.
One of the highlights of Creek Street is the opportunity to view and purchase Native American art.  Including intricately carved totem poles and exquisite jewellery. These pieces are a testament to the artistic prowess and storytelling traditions of Alaska’s indigenous peoples. Take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each work of art and the profound cultural significance behind them.
In addition to Native American art.  Creek Street offers an array of boutiques and gift shops that showcase Alaskan-made products. Browse through handcrafted clothing and accessories, featuring designs inspired by the region’s breathtaking landscapes. Admire the delicate beadwork and traditional weaving techniques that adorn garments and jewellery, allowing you to carry a piece of Alaska’s cultural heritage with you.
For those with a love for the written word.  Independent bookstores on Creek Street provide a selection of literature that delves into Alaska’s captivating history, wildlife, and natural wonders. Pick up a book written by local authors or dive into the tales of early explorers who ventured into the untamed wilderness.
As you explore the shops along Creek Street.  Take a moment to soak in the ambience and appreciate the charm of this historic area. The rustic wooden structures and picturesque views of Ketchikan Creek add a sense of nostalgia and authenticity to your shopping experience. Keep an eye out for resident bald eagles, which often perch in nearby trees, adding a touch of wild beauty to the scene.
Creek Street embodies the essence of Ketchikan’s shopping experience. Its blend of artistry, cultural heritage, and adventure creates a truly immersive journey into the heart of Alaska. 

Skagway: Relics of the Gold Rush Era.

Skagway, Alaska, is a town that beckons visitors with its rich history from the Gold Rush era. As you step ashore, you’ll find yourself transported back in time to the late 19th century. Skagway’s charming streets, nestled between towering mountains and the picturesque waterfront, are a living testament to its storied past.

Broadway Street: Exploring Skagway’s Historic Shopping District

Broadway Street is the heart of Skagway’s historic shopping district. Stroll along this iconic street, and you’ll be surrounded by beautifully restored buildings that house an enticing array of shops and boutiques. The wooden facades and vintage storefronts exude an atmosphere of nostalgia,  making your shopping experience feel like a journey through time.
Skagway’s Broadway Street offers something for everyone. You’ll discover stores selling Alaskan souvenirs, handmade crafts, and authentic Native American art. Keep an eye out for locally made goods, from intricate wooden carvings to vibrant paintings that capture the spirit of Alaska. The diverse range of shops ensures you’ll find the perfect memento to take home.

The Red Onion Saloon: A Step Back in Time

A visit to Skagway wouldn’t be complete without stepping into the Red Onion Saloon. This historic establishment has a captivating history—it was once a renowned brothel during the Gold Rush. Today, it has been transformed into a unique museum and gift shop that offers a fascinating glimpse into Skagway’s past.
Inside the Red Onion Saloon, you’ll find artefacts and exhibits that tell the tales of Skagway’s wild and adventurous past. As you browse through the eclectic collection, you can learn about the town’s history, the Gold Rush, and the lives of the women who worked there. This immersive experience provides a deeper understanding of Skagway’s colourful past, making it a must-visit attraction.

Gold Nugget Jewelry: Capturing Skagway’s Mining Heritage

Skagway’s ties to gold mining during the Gold Rush era are unmistakable, and one of the most alluring ways to commemorate this heritage is through gold nugget jewellery. Skilled artisans in Skagway craft exquisite pieces that incorporate these precious nuggets, creating unique jewellery with a story to tell.
When you acquire a piece of gold nugget jewellery in Skagway, you’re not just owning a beautiful adornment; you’re holding a tangible connection to the town’s mining history. These nuggets, meticulously transformed into rings, necklaces, and earrings, are a testament to the allure of Alaska’s gold rush legacy.
Whether you’re seeking a timeless keepsake or an exceptional gift, Skagway’s gold nugget jewellery offers an extraordinary opportunity to embrace the spirit of this remarkable town.  

The number one product Cruisers buy when they visit Alaska is Gold n Quartz.

What is Gold Quartz exactly?

Gold Quartz is one of the rarest forms of natural gold. It is typically mined at depths of 1500 to 2500 feet below the earth’s surface.  Hydrothermal pressure is responsible for forming this unique gem.  Keep in mind, no two are alike; every piece is unique. One thing for sure, it will be a beautiful addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Originally discovered in Juneau, Alaska back in the 1880’s, it is now mostly found in California, as well as other parts of the Western United States,

Canada and even down in Australia. So while the piece you buy may not necessarily be from Alaska, keep in mind that was where it was first discovered.  Want to know more then Why is Gold Quartz the perfect keepsake from Alaska? | Cruise, Shop, Save (cruiseshopsave.com)


In the heart of Alaska’s untamed wilderness lie some of the most captivating shopping destinations you’ll ever encounter. Juneau, the capital of Alaska, not only offers a glimpse into the state’s political heart but also showcases local artistry like no other. Ketchikan, where artistry meets adventure, invites you to explore Native American craftsmanship and traditional arts.  While Skagway takes you on a nostalgic journey back to the Gold Rush era. As you traverse these remarkable cities, remember that the true treasures of Alaska aren’t just the ones you buy but the memories you create. So, embark on a shopping adventure that’s as unique as the Last Frontier itself.  And let the spirit of Alaska infuse your retail experiences with memories that will last a lifetime.