The Cost of Cruising Solo Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

The Cost of Cruising Solo doesn’t have to be expensive.

I talked to Cruising Pete this week, who started Cruises for Solo’s Facebook Group. Cruises for Solos now has thousands of members. Here is a link to the Group Cruises for Solos Facebook Group

When you book a cruise, you pay for the cabin and two people sharing, so you still have to pay for two people for your cabin if you cruise alone. Even if it’s just you cruising, it’s called a supplement. So cruising alone can be pretty costly. A couple of ships have single berth cabins, but they are very few.

Cruising Pete from Cruises for Solos joins us this week to share a fantastic solo cruise price with us, and he will share this with all of us.

If you prefer to cruise solo, then contact Cruising Pete. He has arranged a Cruises Solo cruise with a fantastic solo rate.

Go to Cruises for Solos Facebook Group and send a message to Peter. Click here

Or you can email Rob, the Travel Agent Pete is talking about in the video on, or you can check out the Live for Holidays Facebook page click this link.