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Unveiling the Rich Legacy of Ingrid Bagshaw, St. Lucia, Caribbean: A Boutique with History and Style.

In this article, we dive into the fascinating story behind Ingrid Bagshaw’s new boutique in Pointe Seraphine, St. Lucia, Caribbean.  Not just any boutique, but a boutique with a rich history and a fresh approach to fashion.  Ingrid Bagshaw intends to revive her grandfather’s Sidney Bagshaw legacy with her own artistic and modern style.   Her collection will demonstrate her family’s rich history on this gorgeous Caribbean Island with her designs and creations.

Inside Ingrid Bagshaw

Ingrid Bagshaw: Merging Tradition from St. Lucia

Ingrid Bagshaw Caribbean is not just a store; it’s a legacy. Founded by Ingrid Bagshaw, the daughter and granddaughter of the renowned Bagshaw family in St. Lucia.  The boutique pays homage to the family’s history of creating the St. Lucia independent coat of arms. However, Ingrid brings a modern twist to the traditional hand-screen printing that made the Bagshaw name famous.

Journey Through Time: A Glimpse into the Bagshaw Legacy

The boutique takes pride in its heritage, showcasing historical photos of Ingrid’s family and the hand-screen printing process from the ’60s. Ingrid’s grandparents, pioneers in St. Lucia, laid the foundation for a business that has stood the test of time.

History of Ingrid Bagshaw

Reviving the Caribbean Spirit: Ingrid’s Vision

Ingrid Bagshaw aims to bridge the gap between tradition and modern preferences. Recognizing that today’s travellers seek authenticity, she infuses her designs with a blend of old-world charm and contemporary flair. The goal is to offer something unique that resonates with locals, tourists and cruisers docking in Pointe Seraphine where the boutique is so conveniently located.  

Polling Cruise Shop Savers: A Unified Desire for Authenticity

A recent poll on the Cruise Shop Save Facebook page revealed a unanimous desire among members to support local, family-made businesses. Travellers today seek one-of-a-kind items that capture the spirit of the region, shying away from mass-produced souvenirs.  Ingrid Bagshaw’s Boutique meets the demand that cruisers and travellers today demand.  An authentic, local, historic national treasure.  

Capturing the Essence of St. Lucia: Beyond Souvenirs

Ingrid Bagshaw Caribbean goes beyond typical souvenir offerings. From Christmas ornaments featuring the map of St. Lucia to Larimar whale pendants.  The boutique offers a curated selection of items that showcase the beauty of the Caribbean. Ingrid’s commitment to authenticity extends to her collaborations with local artisans, providing shoppers with unique, handmade pieces.

Ingrid Bagshaw T-shirts.

Expansion Plans: A Sneak Peek into Ingrid’s Future

Having just opened their doors they have been busy proving that the demand is high for locally made, sustainable products.  However, that is not all Ingrid plans to launch her first line of designer clothing by summer next year, catering to both men and women. The expansion aims to provide a wider range of options, ensuring that everyone finds something special to take home. If you would like to take a look inside this amazing boutique.  I interviewed the Manager the lovely Miss J. In this YouTube Video you can see how amazing it is:

Discounts for Cruise Shop Savers: A Special Treat

Ingrid Bagshaw Back of the Map Coupon.To celebrate this collaboration with Cruise Shop Save, Ingrid Bagshaw Caribbean is offering exclusive discounts to Cruise Shop Savers. Simply download your St. Lucia Map – click here.   On the back of the map is a FREE GIFT coupon simply show this to the friendly staff.  Browse and shop you will be sure to find something you love.   This initiative reinforces the boutique’s commitment to embracing and supporting the cruise community. 

Conclusion: A New Chapter Unfolds

Instant Download of St. Lucia Map.Ingrid Bagshaw Caribbean is not just a boutique; it’s a narrative of family, tradition, and the evolving spirit of St. Lucia. As Ingrid forges ahead with her vision, Cruise Shop Save stands ready to guide travellers to this hidden gem, where every purchase tells a story and captures the essence of the Caribbean. Join us in exploring the past, present, and future of Ingrid Bagshaw’s Caribbean – where history and style beautifully intertwine.
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