Should You Buy Gemstones On A Cruise?

Is Buying A Gemstone In The Cruise Ship Boutiques Really A Good Deal?

This week we find out if you are getting a great deal shopping for Gemstones on a cruise ship.  I talk to Gemstone Expert and Brand Ambassador Flavia Marin.

The shops onboard are all Tax and Duty-Free. This means you don’t pay your local tax or the duties imposed on certain products.

Typically you’re looking at saving between 10 – 65%. It depends on the item and the duties imposed.

Cruise ships sell everything from liquor, tobacco all the way up to Fine Gemstones and Watches.

Watch this video I asked Flavia if it is a good deal to shop for Gems onboard a ship?  We really dig deep to know if it is a good deal or not. Depending on the ship and the jewellery selection sometimes the jewellery is super high end all the way to costume jewellery.

My guest this week Flavia has been working on cruise ships for over 10 years partnering with high-end brands and educating guests on how to buy a gemstone and save money.
Find out more about Flavia on her website Passion For Gems  with links to all her social media platforms.
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