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  • Ship Docks Port of Piraeus Cruise Terminal
  • Distance into Town:  The cruise terminal is 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) from the centre of Piraeus and 8 kilometres (4.8 miles) from the centre of Athens.
    • Taxis are available at the cruise terminal. Please be advised that most taxis have A/C and English-speaking drivers, but do not have Meters.
    • Local Transportation:  Bus – A local bus to the centre of Athens. Tickets can be purchased at any kiosk on the street. Bus Number 40 to Syntagma goes directly to  Syntagma Square (Parliament Building location) and takes about 45 minutes. You can catch this bus across the street from the cruise terminal. Train – The train station is a 20-minute walk around the port.  At the station, you can take the Green Line train to the centre of Athens.  Disembark at Thission for the Acropolis, and disembark at Monastiraki for the Plaka area.
  • Money & Currency:  Major Credit Cards are accepted in all the guaranteed and recommended stores listed on this map, you will need a photo ID.  The currency is (Euros) EUR.  Banks & ATM’s Banks and ATMs are available, see the map showing where they are located, please be mindful of local banking hours
  • Banks & ATMs Banks and ATMs are available, see the map showing where they are located, please be mindful of local banking hours
  • Everyone speaks English ashore but it is fun to learn a couple of Greek words such as Hello, Goodbye and Thank you.
  • The Shopping Highlight The best shopping is around Plaka and Syntagma Square there are so many souvenirs and of course Greek goodies.  Something you do want to make sure you buy wisely is Greek Gold, the designs are so unique but you need to be aware of fakes.  So here are some recommendations.  
  • 1. Evil eye or Mati

    The evil eye, or mati, in Greek, is a symbol of protection that is important in Greek culture. Greeks believe that wearing an evil eye will protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good vibes their way. You’ll find the evil eye on key chains, magnets, jewellery, and home decorations. Pick one up to bring positivity to your life and to remember your trip to Greece!  Shop for Evil Eye jewellery online using this link here on my Amazon Shop  

    2. Worry beads

    Worry beads make for a great souvenir from Athens. The locals carry these beads as a way to relax or get through hard times, as many cultures or religions have strings of beads for similar purposes. They are also popular because many see them as fashionable accessories. Available in many colours and materials, a great option would be worry beads that are hand-carved from Greek olive wood.   Shop online for traditional Worry Beads that come in beautiful colours using this link to my Amazon Shop. 


3. Ouzo and Mastiha liqueurs

Ouzo is Greece’s national drink, made from grapes or grains which is then distilled with aniseed. No trip to Athens is complete without trying a glass or two of ouzo! It’s the perfect drink to enjoy to remind you of your trip to Greece. Mestiha is another classic drink that’s made with mastic, a resin from a Mediterranean evergreen tree. It’s a sweet dessert liqueur that’s the perfect end to any meal.

4. Jewelry

There are plenty of jewellery shops in Athens but you need to know where to go to get genuine Greek Gold jewellery.  For reputable jewellery boutiques, I recommend Dimos Jewellery we used to recommend this fabulous jewellery store to all the guests onboard Crystal Cruises, Oceania, and Regent and Viking Cruises.  Popular items to buy are Greek Key designs, Greek opals, especially blue opals, and silver.   Check out this Greek Key jewellery on my Amazon Shop by clicking this link.

5. Natural sponges

If you’re into natural beauty products, one of the best things to buy in Athens is a natural sponge. Plucked straight from the Aegean, the Greeks have been using sea sponges for hygiene and home cleaning since ancient times. They last longer than synthetic sponges, are much gentler on the skin, and are better for the planet. You’ll see these at markets and beauty kiosks all over town.  Don’t want to carry it home in your luggage then click here and order.

6. Homemade soaps

Many kiosks and shops in Athens carry homemade soaps in a variety of scents, made from different materials. Olive oil soap is wildly popular since it’s a natural beauty product made from high-quality Greek olives Click here to shop for Greek Olive Oil Soaps. You can also find handmade soaps with different blends of essential oils, charcoal, and even donkey milk!

7. Greek olive oil

Greek olive oil is among the best in the world and is a key ingredient in Greek cuisine. Many shops carry a plethora of brands and varieties of oil in different quantities. Olive oil is one of the best things to buy in Athens for your favourite foodie or simply to bring a taste of Greece back home.  Click here to shop for delicious Greek Olive Oil.

8. Olive oil beauty products

In addition to soaps, you’ll find no shortage of other beauty products using olive oil as the base, as it’s natural, hydrating, and of good quality. Some of the best things to pick up include hand lotion, nail and cuticle oil, body creams, and hair oils. Use the power of Greek olive oil to give yourself a natural glow! Find Olive Oil Beauty Products here.


9. Handmade leather sandals

Many artisans in Athens specialize in making leather sandals by hand, using quality, local leather. You can find some of these shops around Monastiraki where leather workers proudly display their unique, handcrafted designs. You’ll be the envy of all your friends who ask you where you got your sandals when you casually reply that they are from Athens!  

10. Spices

Do you like to make up some of those delicious Greek dishes?  I don’t blame you Greek cuisine is simply irresistible, in part due to the variety of spices that are incorporated into every dish. In Athens, you’ll find many vendors and kiosks that sell spice blends so that you can try your hand at Greek cooking when you get home. Popular mixes include Greek salad topping, meatball seasoning, souvlaki seasoning, and tzatziki mix. Yum! Replenish your supplies by ordering more from here.

  • Major Attractions A. Acropolis, B. The Agora, C. Plaka D. Olympic Stadium E. Syntagma Square F. Archaeological Museum G. Mitropoli Cathedral. Click here for the location on the map.

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