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  • The Ship will tender into town where there are three tender piers both indicated on port maps. The distance into town will depend on the tender pier. It will be either a couple of steps into town or a short walk away.
  • Taxis without meters are available at the dock. Rates are fixed and displayed but be sure to confirm the fare before the driver leaves.  New taxis have meters. Most taxis are minibusses and drivers normally require a 4-passenger minimum before they’ll take you anywhere.
  • Major Credit Cards are accepted in all the guaranteed and recommended stores listed on this map.
  • The currency isCayman Island Dollar. However, no need to exchange your currency like US Dollars are widely accepted.
  • Banks & ATM’s are located throughout George Town and near the tender pier. See the map for details.
  • Everyone speaks English ashore.
  • The Shopping Highlight Start your day at Diamonds International (1a) and collect your FREE charm. Shop early in case you need your jewelry sized or designed to your liking. The Shopping Expert will pick up your jewelry or watch and hand-deliver to your cabin so you can go to the beach or take your tour in the afternoon.
  • Major Attractions A. Atlantis Submarine, B. National Museum, C. George Town Shopping District. Click here for the location on the map.

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