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Costa Maya Cruise Port Shopping Guide.

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Here are the two main questions I would get asked during my desk hours as a Port Shopping Guide working onboard Cruise Ships when the ship came into dock in Costa Maya, Mexico:

  1. Can you walk to Costa Maya from the cruise port?   The ship will dock directly in Costa Maya you can walk along the pier to the outdoor shopping and entertainment area.  Some ships put on a shuttle if you struggle to walk.  If you are looking for an authentic Mexican village then you can walk to Mahahual from the cruise port in about 30-45 minutes.  Bear in mind it will be hot so I recommend taking a 10 min taxi or shuttle bus for approximately $4 per person.
  2. Which Mayan ruins are best in Costa Maya?  The Chacchoben Mayan Ruins are the closest to the cruise port, there are two ruins to explore.   Kohunlich Mayan Ruins
    are bigger and very impressive the only problem is that they are 2.5 hours away so that is a big chunk of travel time.  Doesn’t leave much time to explore before you have to get back to the ship. 

More information when your ship docks in Costa Maya:

Cruising to Costa Maya, a tropical paradise nestled on the Mexican Caribbean coast. This cruise port shopping guide will be your compass to navigate this enchanting destination. From transportation tips to duty-free shopping, pristine beaches, and delectable delicacies, we’ve got you covered for an unforgettable Costa Maya adventure.  Download your Port Shopping Map here.

Costa Maya Cruise Shop Save map port area.

Getting into Town is easy when you dock in Costa Maya.

When your ship docks in Costa Maya, you’ll find yourself at the modern Costa Maya Cruise Port, designed with travellers’ convenience in mind. From here, you can easily explore the surrounding area via taxis, shuttles, or guided tours.  The ship will usually tender you into the port and everything is right there.  Just listen to the announcements onboard the ship regarding the tender service ashore.  

Costa Maya, Mexico Currency and Safety.

Mexican Currency: The Mexican Peso (MXN) is the official currency, and U.S. dollars are widely accepted. You’ll find currency exchange facilities at the cruise port and throughout the town.  Safety First: Costa Maya is a safe destination for tourists. Exercise common-sense precautions, like securing your belongings, and you’ll have a worry-free visit.

Costa Maya Cruise Port Highlights and Beaches

Majahual Beach: A Slice of Paradise

Majahual Beach is not far from Costa Maya’s cruise port, you can either take a taxi or a shuttle bus takes about 10 minutes.  Or if you are feeling fit you can walk to Majahual Beach.  The beach is gorgeous with sugary sand and turquoise waters. Relax under swaying palms, swim, or snorkel to explore the colourful marine life.   If you get bored of sunbathing and frolicking in the sea you can walk over to Majahual Village (see below for more info).  Also if you are hungry and fancy some local delicacies just find your nearest Beach Bar and see below some suggestions for some delicious eats and drinks.

Bacalar Lagoon: The Seven Colors

A short journey will take you to the stunning Bacalar Lagoon, known as the “Lake of Seven Colors.” Kayak, swim or gaze at the striking hues of blue that make this place truly magical.  This place is truly special you would think it was the ocean but it is a lake.  The best way to see Bacalar is to take a boat tour of the lagoon. This should be your #1 priority while travelling to Bacalar.  There are tour companies all over Bacalar, and you will constantly be offered rides by people on the street.   Make it easy for yourself and prebook your party, you can join a boat tour here (with an open bar!).

Majahual Beach 10 minutes from Costa Maya Cruise Port - Cruise Shop Save

Within Bacalar is Los Rápidos which is a popular attraction known for its natural water currents and rapids in the Bacalar Lagoon. It’s like a natural lazy river. Visitors can experience a fun and relaxing float down the gentle currents of the lagoon, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Bacalar. It’s a great way to spend a day in Bacalar while enjoying the clear, turquoise waters of the lagoon and connecting with nature. Los Rápidos is getting more popular each day, so make sure to arrive at opening time which is between 10 am – 6 pm most days.  This is a nature reserve so please be mindful of the following:
  1. Please avoid touching, climbing, or sitting on the Stromatolites. Maintain a respectful distance to prevent any potential harm. They may look like rocks, but they are protected fossils.
  2. Don’t use sunscreen while swimming in the lagoon. Even biodegradable sunscreens can be harmful to the biodiversity of the lagoon.  Causing changes in water colour. Instead, wear a rashguard, visit early or later in the day or take frequent breaks in the shade.
  3. Pack a mask and snorkel for your visit. Swimming underwater is amazing. You’ll be able to see the stromatolites beneath the water’s surface and encounter different fish species.

Tax & Duty-Free Shopping is right next to the Docking area in Costa Maya.

Diamonds International: Luxury Diamonds, Branded watches, fun jewellery and gifts.

Duty-free shopping in Costa Maya is a gem of an experience, especially at Diamonds International. Here, you’ll discover fantastic deals on luxury watches and jewellery, including pieces adorned with sparkling diamonds and other precious gemstones like the extremely popular Tanzanites, Sapphires and semi-precious gemstones.  Download your shopping coupons for Diamonds International here.

Diamonds International - Costa Maya, Mexico

Opposite the Mahahual Beach is the Fishing Village: with Costa Mayan Souvenirs Galore

Explore the vibrant Mahahual Shopping Village, a marketplace filled with stalls offering a variety of souvenirs. From handmade crafts to Mexican textiles, you’ll find mementoes to cherish.  Find a cozy typical Mexican Beach bar and enjoy a cocktail or three.  Also, enjoy some of the local delicacies see below what to order. 

Major Attractions and Historical Sites not to miss in Costa Maya. 

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins:

One hour’s drive from Costa Maya Port.   YOu can book a local tour to explore these on your own.  No need to book a ship tour here is a link to a very reasonable tour, we thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  

Historic Chaccoben Ruins in Costa Maya

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins are well worth the trip surrounded by lush jungle which then uncovers the Ruins. Wander among the ancient pyramids, plazas, and temples, as your guide explains the rituals and ceremonies that once took place here.  Before you book your ship-provided tour check out the prices with Viator, just so you can do some wise budgeting.  They always guarantee that you will get back to the ship before she sets sail.  We booked this tour directly with Viator and it was amazing we bumped into the ship’s tour while we were there and we got the same tour but cheaper than the ship’s tour.  We paid $55 with Viator and it was offered at $99 with Princess Cruises.

Costa Maya Ministries, Mexico

When I worked on ships I would always get asked where the places of worship are in each port.  Costa Maya MInistires, Mexico is located in Mahauhal – Cruz de Cristo, Avenida Paseo del Puerto N 1024, Mahahual, Quintana Roo 77976.  If you are in Costa Maya on a Sunday they have a regular worship gathering here is the link for more information.

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins: A Glimpse into the Past

Travel back in time to the Kohunlich Mayan Ruins pronounced KOE•HOON•LEECH discovered in 1912 by archaeologists Raymond Merwin.  This ancient temple and pyramid reveal the secrets of the Maya civilization. Explore the archaeological sites and imagine life in this ancient city.  ) is a Spanish derivative of ‘Cohune palm tree.  Howler Monkeys are living in the jungle that surrounds this ancient sight.  YOu can’t usually see them but my goodness you will hear them.  The eerie primal sound of these majestic Howler Monkeys adds to the ambience of this special place.  Take a moment to close your eyes and get transported back in time.

Dining and Culinary Delights & Delicacies in Costa Maya.

Costa Mayan, Mexican Cuisine

Indulge in Mexican cuisine with dishes like tacos al pastor, ceviche, and mole poblano. Don’t forget to savour a refreshing agua fresca, a fruity and cool beverage.  Majahual Eateries:  For seaside dining, explore the eateries along the Malecon in Majahual. Enjoy fresh seafood, fish tacos, and tropical cocktails with views of the Caribbean.  Tostones: A Savory Snack, a beloved snack made from green plantains. They’re sliced, fried until crispy, and served with a garlic dipping sauce—a delicious and savoury treat.
Costa Maya promises a memorable cruise stop filled with natural beauty, history, and Mexican hospitality. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, lounging on the beach, or indulging in local cuisine, Costa Maya offers a slice of paradise that will leave you with lasting memories.

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