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Key Features

14 Kt yellow gold pendant with Gold Quartz inlay and .21TW diamonds, and 18 inch Chain.  Gorgeous one of a kind handmade in the U.S.A. Gold Quartz.  It is one of the rarest forms of natural gold.


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Carat0.21 Total Carat Weight
ClaritySI – 1

Gorgeous 14 Carat yellow gold pendant with Gold Quartz inlay and .21TW diamonds, and 18 inch Chain.

Gold Quartz is one of the rarest forms of natural gold. Mined at depths of 1500 to 2500 feet below the earth’s surface.  Hydrothermal pressure is responsible for forming this unique gem.  Keep in mind; no two are alike; every piece is unique. One thing for sure, it will be a beautiful addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

Kabana the Company

Established in 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kabana has been a consistent industry innovator and leader in quality and design. Kabana uses the finest materials found in nature. Each piece culminating in a finished piece that not only looks magnificent but reflects the extraordinary character of its wearer.

Kabana’s Warranty

Guaranteed to be free of manufacturer’s defects for life, or we’ll repair the piece at our expense. At the same time, everyday wear and tear over time may necessitate a non-warranty repair to a treasured jewelry piece. We will inspect the piece and provide you with an estimate of repair. Kabana’s authenticity certificate, once a piece has been worked on by anyone other than Kabana, the warranty is void.

The art of Inlay – TOUCH

Kabana cut, shaped, and polished all the Gold Quartz and Gemstones entirely by hand and inlaid into stunning jewelry for you to enjoy in your lifetime.  Run your finger over each piece, and you can feel the quality and craftsmanship.


Kabana is one of very few fine jewelry designers and manufacturers that can claim its creations to be entirely made in the USA.


The freedom of inlay allows Kabana artisans to make intricate shapes from these organic natural gemstones, set by hand for each design.


Only the most skilled jewelers are qualified to inlay a Kabana piece. Kabana jewelry is born from a profound love of precious materials, superb craftsmanship, and transcendent fine jewelry design, and each Kabana piece carries a unique “fingerprint” of artisanal excellence.

Caring for Kabana Jewelry

Inlay jewelry requires regular and straightforward care to assure its lasting beauty and to retain the perfect luster and touch of the gemstones.  Clean your Kabana jewelry with lukewarm, soapy water, using a very gentle brush and drying it with a soft cloth. Please do not use ultrasonic cleaners or chemicals. We suggest that you remove your jewelry before any intense physical activity or before prolonged immersion in liquids (i.e., dishwashing, bathing, swimming). It is suggested that you apply cosmetics before putting on your Kabana jewelry.


Gold Quartz History?

Initially discovered in Juneau, Alaska, back in the 1880s, it is now mostly found in California and other parts of the Western United States, Canada, and Australia. So while the piece you buy may not necessarily be from Alaska, keep in mind that was where it was first discovered.

What should you look for when choosing Gold Quartz?

As with any rare natural gemstone, there are always those of varying qualities. Gold Quartz is found in several different colors.  However, gem-quality is white with veins of dazzling gold running throughout it. Think of pure white snow with the sun glistening off it, and that is what Gold Quartz looks like.

The beauty of Gold Quartz is the contrast of the crisp snow-white of the quartz to the glistening gold veins running through it. Gold Quartz is guaranteed to be that piece you will wear, and people will always stop and ask you about it.  Nothing feels like real gold, and Gold Quartz will be something you will truly treasure forever.

How do you wear Gold Quartz?

It’s a very versatile gem that you can wear with everything. In one sense, it is neutral enough that men or women can wear it. Either way, it’s a beauty!

What should you look for when shopping for Gold Quartz?

Buy only reputable brands such as Kabana, well-known, and use only the highest Gold Quartz quality available today.

Do you recommend any Gold Quartz Jewelry Brands?

You, Kabana’s!  Kabana’s founder and designer, Stavros, is a legend in the jewelry industry. His design work and technique are like no other. While Kabana jewelry is created with many high-quality gems, it is the inlay-style and technique that set them apart from so many others.  Additionally, it’s some of the most well-made solid jewelry and has a smooth-to-the-touch feeling. It’s like wearing silk; it’s a special feeling when you are wearing it.

More tips on Gold Quartz!

Keep in mind, because Gold Quartz is rare and only set in 14k or 18k gold, these pieces will command the price of fine jewelry, top quality heirloom pieces.