I Just Got Off A Cruise On P&O Iona.

Cruising Adventures on P&O Iona: A Comprehensive Review and Insider Insights.

Ahoy, Cruise Enthusiasts! Welcome to Cruise Shop Save with Melissa!

If you’ve just disembarked from a thrilling journey aboard P&O’s Iona.  If you’re a cruise aficionado eagerly planning your next adventure, you’re in for a treat. I’m Melissa, your cruising guide and storyteller.  Here to share my recent cruise escapade on the magnificent Iona. So, grab a virtual deck chair and join me as I recount the highlights, share tips, and dive into the vibrant world of cruising.  See Below the full P&O Iona Review I did on YouTube.

Setting Sail on the Iona Odyssey: An Overview of the Cruise

Piano, Iona – January 2024 – The energy is buzzing as I reminisce about my recent seven-night cruise on P&O’s Iona, departing from Southampton. From the thrilling ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam to the delightful onboard entertainment and encounters with fellow cruisers, this journey had it all. Join me as I unfold the tales of my adventures, and feel free to share your Iona experiences in the comments!

Navigating the Seas of Entertainment: A Spectacular Show Lineup

Kalon Rae - Entertainer.
One of the first things that struck me on Iona was the spectacular entertainment lineup. From acrobatic shows in the SkyDome to headliner performances in the main theatre, the cruise offered a diverse range of acts that left us in awe. Join me as I delve into the world of Center Stage, featuring everything from Tina Turner to Jersey Boys, and the unforgettable Kailyn Ray, an X Factor sensation who dazzled the audience with his talent.

Culinary Delights and Dining Insights: Navigating the Gastronomic Options

Embarking on a culinary journey aboard Iona, we explored various dining options, from the Beach House to the buffet at Horizons. I’ll spill the tea on my favourite spots and discuss the intricacies of food offerings. While the dining rooms provided a decent experience, I’ll share my thoughts on potential improvements, especially when compared to the overall value for money.

Uncharted Territories: Exploring Ports and Insider Shopping Tips

Hamburg, Rotterdam, and the missed opportunity in Ghent – the ports of call offered their unique charm. Join me as I share my explorations, insights into local shopping scenes, and why I couldn’t resist the allure of duty-free purchases on board. Plus, don’t miss my detailed blog posts on each port, including tips for fellow cruisers.

Beneath the Stars and Spa Lights: Relaxation and Pampering on Iona

Ever wondered about the perks of staying on board during a port day? I’ll spill the details on how we turned a port day into a spa day, complete with relaxation in the ship’s spa. Get a sneak peek into the spa experience, including amusing encounters and a funny flashback to my early days working in cruise ship spas.

Melissa in Iona Spa.

The Great Drink Debate: Unraveling the Mystery of Beverage Packages

To buy or not to buy the beverage package? That’s the question many cruisers ponder. Join me in unravelling the mystery of Iona’s beverage packages, including the controversial “Ultimate Drinks Package.” I’ll share insights on the value for money, personal preferences, and whether the 15-drinks-per-day limit is a deal-breaker.

Looking Forward: Reflections and Future Cruising Dreams

As I bid adieu to P&O Iona, I reflect on the experience, share a few laughs, and express my excitement for future cruising adventures. Join me in the comments as we discuss the cruise, exchange tips, and dream about upcoming journeys. Cruise Shop Save is all about sharing the love for cruising, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Conclusion: Anchors Away and Until Next Time!

Thank you for joining me on this virtual voyage through the wonders of P&O Iona. Whether you’ve cruised on Iona, plan to do so, or simply love hearing about cruising adventures, I appreciate your company. Stay tuned for more blogs, videos, and cruise-related content. Until next time, fair winds and smooth seas, fellow cruisers!

We sailed out of Southampton visiting Hamburg, an overnight in Rotterdam and then Bruges.  Click here for details on how to get to Bruges on your own.

Email me if you have or are thinking of cruising on P&O Iona.  Also if you have any questions or comments. Melissa@CruiseShopSave.com

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