How to Get to Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska.

How to Get to Creek Street from All Cruise Ship Docks in Ketchikan, Alaska

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There are five possible docking locations in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Below we will provide directions to Creek Street from each Cruise ship dock.  Ketchikan is a popular stop for many cruise lines, and one of its must-see attractions is Creek Street. This historic boardwalk, built on stilts over Ketchikan Creek, offers unique shops, restaurants, and a glimpse into the town’s colourful past. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get to Creek Street from each cruise ship dock in Ketchikan, including Ward Cove.

Cruise Shop Save Map - Ketchikan Cruise Ship Docks.

Download your Ketchikan Map here, Docks 1, 2, 3 and 4 are plotted on the map.  Also included are all the Major Attractions including Creek Street.  Recommended shopping and shopping coupons on the back.

Getting to Creek Street from Dock 1, Dock 2, and Dock 3

If your cruise ship docks at Dock 1, Dock 2, or Dock 3, you’re in luck! These berths are located in the heart of downtown Ketchikan, and Creek Street is just a short walk away.


  1. Exit the Ship: Once you disembark, head towards the downtown area.
  2. Walk South on Front Street: Follow Front Street, which runs parallel to the waterfront. You’ll pass by various shops and restaurants.
  3. Turn Left onto Mission Street: After a few blocks, you’ll see signs directing you to Creek Street. Turn left onto Mission Street.
  4. Arrive at Creek Street: Continue straight, and you’ll arrive at the entrance to Creek Street.
The walk is approximately 5-10 minutes and is quite scenic, offering beautiful views of the harbor and the surrounding area.

The famous Ketchikan sign in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I recently worked in collaboration with Emma Cruises after she cruised to Alaska on the NCL Encore.  This is what she had to say about her time in Ketchikan.  She also talks about a tour she did and what it was like docking in Ward Cove.  Read her Blog by clicking this link.

How to Reach Creek Street from Dock 4

Dock 4 is slightly further from downtown but still within walking distance to Creek Street.


  1. Exit the Ship: After disembarking, head towards the pedestrian walkway.
  2. Walk Along Water Street: Follow the walkway to Water Street, which then becomes Front Street. 
  3. Follow the Signs: You’ll see signs directing you towards downtown Ketchikan and Creek Street.
  4. Turn Right onto Mission Street: As you approach downtown, turn right onto Mission Street.
  5. Arrive at Creek Street: Continue along Mission Street to reach Creek Street.
This walk will take about 15-20 minutes, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sights of Ketchikan.

Scanlon Art Gallery conveniently located close to the ship in Ketchikan.


Traveling to Creek Street from Ward Cove Dock

Ward Cove is located approximately 7 miles north of downtown Ketchikan and Creek Street. While it’s not walkable, there are convenient transportation options available.


  1. Shuttle Service: Many cruise lines provide a complimentary shuttle service from Ward Cove to downtown Ketchikan. The shuttle drops you off near the Visitor Information Center, a short walk from Creek Street.
  2. Taxi or Ride-Share: Taxis and ride-share services like Uber and Lyft are available at Ward Cove. The ride to downtown Ketchikan takes about 15 minutes.
  3. Public Bus: The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Transit System operates buses that run from Ward Cove to downtown Ketchikan. Check the schedule for the most current information.
Distance from Ward Cove to Downtown Ketchikan

Directions from Shuttle Drop-off:

  1. Walk South on Front Street: Head south along Front Street from the drop-off point.
  2. Turn Left onto Mission Street: Follow the signs to Creek Street, turning left onto Mission Street.
  3. Arrive at Creek Street: Continue on Mission Street to reach Creek Street.

Enjoying Your Visit to Creek Street

Once you arrive at Creek Street, take your time exploring the historic area. Visit the Dolly’s House Museum to learn about the town’s storied past, browse through the unique shops, or enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants. Don’t forget to check out the Creek Street Historic Walking Tour for a deeper dive into the history and culture of this fascinating part of Ketchikan.

Kayaking through Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska.


Whether you’re docking at Dock 1, Dock 2, Dock 3, Dock 4, or Ward Cove, getting to Creek Street is easy and convenient. Follow these directions to ensure you make the most of your time in Ketchikan, Alaska. Enjoy your visit!
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