How many suitcases you need to take on a 7 day cruise?

How many suitcases you need to take on a 7-day Cruise is one of the many questions we get asked…

So I interviewed the fantastic @TravelwithLady to find out below her ultimate Cruise Suitcase guide.

Lady recommends that you take large zip-lock bags for your dirty clothes to keep them separate from your clean clothes.  Such a great tip.  To watch the whole interview here it is:

Lady also spoke about her FREE Gift on her website.  You can then choose FREE Cruise Packing Guide and FREE Prep Checklist.  Here is the link Free Gifts – Travel With Lady

Also during the interview, Lady confessed that she went backpacking in Alaska for the first time and here is how it went:

We talked about eating blueberries while backpacking in Alaska here is the link to that video too:

More videos to come about her experience here is a video on a review of a great backpack:

If you have any questions just email me Got any questions for Lady contact her through her YouTube Channel click here.