Harmful Electronic Pollution Feel Better with Philip Stein Watches and Sleep Bracelets

Watch Harmful Electronic Pollution – Feel better with Philip Stein Watches and Sleep bracelets, here is how.

In 1952 physicist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that our planet had a pulse, a measurable frequency that surrounded life on earth.  The 7.83 hertz, today, is known as the Schumann resonance. He also found that this frequency was identical to those of the human brain.

Since 2003 Philip Stein’s mission is to improve people’s quality of life.  By combining innovative technology with stylish design and high-quality craftsmanship.  That is why the number one product cruiser’s bought ashore during their cruise was a Philip Stein Watch, Day bracelet, or Sleep bracelet. Over the past 16 years, Philip Stein has conducted research studies with our accessories, that showed benefits of:

  1. Increased relaxation
  2. Better focus
  3. Improved sleep patterns
  4. Refreshed awakening

Which resulted in users’ overall improved wellbeing.

Philip Stein believes in the power of aligning with nature’s frequencies to achieve a balance between body, mind, and soul.

The electrical activity of our brain and the nervous system produces a bio-magnetic field around the body. This field controls our natural health and functions.  How it works:

Studies have proven the feel better Philip Stein Natural Frequencies Technology or your money back.


  1. The body’s magnetic field interacts with other magnetic fields, both natural and human-made.
  2. Natural frequencies can help reinforce our bio-magnetic field.
  3. The Philip Stein products are embedded with Natural Frequency Technology®, which resonates with the body, strengthening our bio-magnetic field.
  4. The subtle Natural Frequencies of the Philip Stein products help restore the body’s ability to have deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep, feel less stress, and improve focus and energy.




  1. We know that everything on earth has a Frequency.
  2. There are Natural Frequencies and Man-Made Frequencies.
  3. The Natural Frequency of the earth is 7.83 hertz.

Here are a couple of facts for you: Man-Made Frequencies are created by cell phones, electricity, Wi-Fi, blue tooth, computers, Smart Watches, Tracking devices, Etc.

Wearing Philip Stein makes most people:

    1. Able to deal with stress
    2. Sleep Better
    3. Be more relaxed
    4. Have better focus
    5. Have more energy
    6. Enhanced performance


AND they have the science to prove it – This is the only technology accessory that has actual clinical studies showing wearing Philip Stein will make you feel better.

Sleep Study, 2009 Neurotrials Inc.  Dr. Russel Rosenberg

  1. Falling asleep faster
  2. Sleeping deeper
  3. Dreaming more pleasant
  4. Waking up more refreshed

Sleep Study, 2012  Neurotrials Inc.  Dr. Philippe Souvestre Improved sensory-motor functions such as balance control and ocular motor skills. Improved overall well-being and performance.

Sleep Study – Melatonin.  2013.   4D Labs Simon.  Fraser University. Dr. Neil Branda and Dr. Glen Tibbits.  Increase in natural melatonin production in human cells.

Sleep Study – Sleep Bracelet. 2018. University of Jacksonville, FL.  Participants reported improvement in the below:

  1. Deeper Sleep
  2. The Length of Sleep.
  3. Better Mood and Productivity.
  4. Improved Overall Sleep Quality.  Which is good for everyone.

See below there is another wellness study at the University of Jacksonville, Florida going on right now.

Stress / Wellness Study – 2019 (In Progress) University of Jacksonville, FL   Fatigue, Life Satisfaction, Anxiety Levels, Mood, Happiness. Cognitive Ability

Watch this video where Elizabeth Sterne, our Shopping Expert, explains more about this extraordinary watch and the technology around it. Click here.

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