Gold Quartz Jewelry from Alaska Cruise.

Gold Quartz is the perfect jewellery to buy from an Alaskan Cruise.

The history of the Klondike attracts cruisers to Alaska. Whenever I travel, I always like to find something as a keepsake. Since I travel for a living, I don’t typically buy knick-knacks or things for my home. I want something more permanent and beautiful Gold Quartz is highly popular with gorgeous designs.
There are plenty of unique things you can buy such as a Ulu knife and a beautiful Alpaca pashmina to remind you of your cruise.  Thousands of cruisers are drawn to the special jewellery on offer in Alaska. Buying something natural and organic is highly prized such as Gold and Quartz Jewelry.

Gold Quartz man's ring

What is Gold Quartz exactly?

Gold Quartz is one of the rarest forms of natural gold. It is typically mined at depths of 1500 to 2500 feet below the earth’s surface.  Hydrothermal pressure is responsible for forming this unique gem.  There are no two are alike; every piece is unique. One thing is for sure, it will be a beautiful addition to your jewellery wardrobe.
Originally discovered in Juneau, Alaska back in the 1880’s, it is now mostly found in California, as well as other parts of the Western United States,
Canada and even down in Australia. So while the piece you buy may not necessarily be from Alaska, keep in mind that was where it was first discovered.
As with any natural rare gemstone, there are always those of varying qualities. Gold Quartz is found in several different colours.  However, gem-quality is white with veins of dazzling gold running throughout it. Think of pure white snow with the sun glistening off of it and that is what Gold Quartz looks like.

Gold Quartz Kabana ring.

It’s a very versatile gem that you can wear with everything worn by men and women. Either way, it’s a beauty!
Also with any rare gem of value, there will always be “fakes” or man-made replicas.  So it’s important to know what to look for and how to identify true Gold Quartz.  I have seen where they will even take true quartz and infuse genuine gold into it created in a laboratory and is not natural.  Others will take resin and simply mix it with gold leaf.  You will see a dramatic difference in price from natural Gold Quartz and these manmade replicas which have little or no real value.   Shop for Gold Quartz.

My advice: buy Gold Quartz brands such as Orocal or Kabana. 

These two brands are well-known and use only the highest quality of Gold Quartz available in Alaska.  Here are some of the extremely high craftsmanship, design, and quality Gold and Quartz by Kabana.  Kabana is famous for inlay Jewelry, this is how they set Gold and Quartz to enhance the natural beauty. 
One of my personal favourites is the brand Kabana. This company’s founder and designer, Stavros, is a legend in the jewellery industry. His design work and technique are like no other.  It is the inlay style and technique that set them apart from so many others. 
Additionally, it’s some of the most well-made solid jewellery and has a smooth-to-the-touch feeling. It’s like wearing silk; it’s a special feeling see below for where to buy it in Alaska.

Buy Genuine beware of fakes

You will only find genuine Gold Quartz in places that sell fine jewellery.  It is not something you will find in the souvenir shops. Because it is rare and only set in 14k or 18k gold, these pieces will command the price of fine jewellery further info is below.
You should feel the substantial weight of each piece; they are solid don’t expect to find a nice pendant for $100 or $200.  This is fine jewelry next paragraph I recommend a great jeweller in Alaska.
Again, the beauty of Gold Quartz is the contrast of the crisp snow-white of the quartz to the glistening gold veins running through it. Gold Quartz jewellery will be that piece you will wear every day.  People will always stop and ask you about your beautiful piece of jewellery.  Nothing feels like real gold and Gold Quartz will be something you will truly treasure forever.

Recommended Retailers in Alaska

Julie’s Fine Jewelry Home – Julie’s Genuine Alaskan ( with three locations in Ketchikan, Alaska.  Julies has an amazing selection of Orocal, Orocal focuses 100% on perfecting Gold Quartz jewellery and is the main distributor in Alaska.
For more shopping information download the Alaskan maps by clicking this link.  Here you can get cruise port shopping information on Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway.