Going on an Alaskan cruise? 5 Essential Shopping Tips

Going on an Alaskan cruise? Read 5 essential shopping tips:

The best shopping ports are Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway.  Sitka is a great place for Alaskan galleries, walking and site seeing around the port here is the link to a downloadable walking tour of Sitka https://www.alaska.org/assets/content/maps/sitka-downtown-walking-tour-map.pdf

Another tip is to check your cruise schedule for arrival and departure times you will be surprised how many cruise ships only have half-day calls, so if you are on a tour you most likely will not have time to shop and will need to arrange to shop in another port.

What is the best things to buy in Alaska?  Well you will find everything in Julie’s Fine Jewelry http://juliesalaska.com/ Explore their wide variety of Alaskan Art and handmade totem poles. Visit one Juneau Cruise Portof our multiple locations to discover one-of-a-kind Orocal & Gold Quartz pieces. Find some of your favorite national brands including Shinola, Alex & Ani, and Korite.  Ask about their sizing services for your jewerly purchase or our gold nuggets and quartz specimens- style it into a custom piece by our on-staff jeweller.  Also don’t miss Scanlon Art Gallery https://www.scanlongallery.com/ South East Alaskan art and conveniently located right next door is Arctic Gallery proudly providing northwest coast art, Northern Alaska art, Scrimshaw, Qiviut, and Jewelry http://www.arcticspiritgallery.com/

One of the not to be missed locations in Juneau is Caribou Crossings http://www.cariboucrossings.com/ representing over 60 Alaskan Artists, this locally owned store showcases unique handmade crafts from all over the state! With a solid reputation for outstanding customer service and 15 years of nurturing artists’ talents, Caribou Crossings prides itself in providing the opportunity to shop local and buy Alaskan.

Ask onboard where the ship will be docked or tendered (anchor offshore, guests must get small boats arranged by the cruise line to get into the port which can take up more of your time).

  1. Skagway dock or tender, if the ship docks, it is with easy walking distance no matter where the ship docks.
  2. Ketchikan can dock or tender so check on board but if the ship docks you are within easy walking distance of the shops.
  3. Juneau can dock or tender most docks are within each walking distance but there is one dock AJ Dock where it is quite the walk and in fact, most ships will provide a shuttle service it’s so far but check with the front desk or the on-board shopping expert when you board your ship.
I have one more tip I wish this was more than 5 tips but if you only have time to shop in one place in Ketchikan then you MUST visit KETCHICANDIES, Alaskan Chocolate.  Say no more right? Just order double, triple because you will wish you had ordered enough for your friends it is sooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood http://ketchicandies.com/