Cruising the Northern Coastline with Havila Voyages

Norwegian Cruise Operator Havila Voyages has set a new standard in eco-friendly sea travel…

An Introduction to Havila Voyages: The Eco-Friendly Approach
Their commitment to a sustainable cruising experience and in the operation of their state-of-the-art ships…

Hello there, everyone!  I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you this month’s guest, a woman whose stunning Instagram photos left me in awe and sparked my curiosity.  Photos are all courtesy of @CruisewithAmber
This is Steph from Cruise with Amber, and she has some exciting tales to tell us from her time cruising the northern coastline aboard a Havila Voyages ship. Now, let’s dive into this thrilling adventure!
When Steph and I sat down to chat (complete with a glass of wine in hand), her eyes sparkled as she began sharing her journey aboard Havila Voyages. This cruise line was new to me – they had only started operating in the UK market at the beginning of this year.

As Steph explained, Havila Voyages isn’t new new as they have been ferrying guests along the Northern coastline for some time.  But they are relatively new to a cruising concept and inviting UK guests.  They bring a fresh approach to cruising the Norwegian coastline. The company, which now has four ships operating along the coastline, is committed to serving the local communities of Norway.
Intriguingly, Steph noted that this cruise experience was quite different from a typical Northern Lights Cruise, despite covering similar routes. The emphasis is more on the voyage itself, which I found fascinating.
The ships are new, beautiful inside, and were designed with sustainability in mind – but we’ll get more into that in a moment. For now, let’s delve into the ship Steph cruised on, Havila Capella, and how she was lucky enough to be invited on board. (And yes, Steph is already planning her return!)

The Unrivaled Comfort and Luxury of Havila Voyages
Not just limited to their green efforts, Havila prioritized comfort and luxury in their accommodation…

We shared a laugh as Steph, flushed with excitement (and maybe a touch of wine), waxed poetic about her experience. We chatted about everything from the ship’s name to the bar, and Steph’s jovial spirit was infectious.
The conversation was peppered with humour, laughter, and even giddiness, reminiscent of friends gathering over a good bottle of wine.
As we transitioned into talking about what the cruise fare included, Steph was enthusiastic. The package included the accommodation and meals – all plated and exquisite, according to Steph. While alcohol wasn’t included, Havila Voyages offers a flexible drinks package, something other cruise lines could certainly learn from!

Havila Voyages redefines the dining experience with uniqueness to dining. Not only is every meal cooked to order…The company has set targets for food waste…

Now, onto the food – Steph spoke glowingly about the food offered at Havila Voyages. There are multiple restaurants on board, each serving a variety of delicious meals.
One of the unique aspects of Havila is their rotation of menus based on the direction of the voyage – a seafood-focused menu on the northbound journey and a meat-based one on the southbound trip. It’s a delightful touch that adds to the overall experience.
One of the most distinctive features Steph mentioned was the concept of the drinks package at Havila Voyages. Unlike most cruise lines, Havila allows you to buy a drinks package based on the number of units you plan to consume, making it a more personalized and flexible option.
It wasn’t all just about the ship and the fare, though. Steph also gave me a sneak peek into her cabin and some of the other suites on the ship. From her descriptions and sheer enthusiasm, it’s clear that Havila prioritizes comfort and luxury in their accommodation.

Following up on the exceptional accommodation Havila Voyages provides – let’s talk about their thoughtful approach to dining. On board, not only is the food cooked to order, but the approach at mealtime is one of encouragement towards smaller, varied plates. Importantly, though, there’s no restriction on how much you can order.
The only request from Havila is that you order as much as you think you can comfortably finish. This strategy has been put in place to keep food waste to a minimum, with the cruise line setting ambitious targets like keeping the waste to around 75 grams per person per day.
Havila’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at reducing food waste. There’s also a strong emphasis on energy efficiency. While other cruise lines might focus on the type of fuel they use, Havila has gone a step further by setting targets for their food waste reduction, thereby contributing to a different, more environmentally-conscious mindset on board.

Immersive Experience with Havila: A Journey with the Locals On board, you find yourself thoroughly immersed in the local culture…

During your voyage, you’re likely to be immersed in local Norwegian culture, as many locals use the ship’s routes. You might find yourself sitting in the Heavenly Cafe, conversing with Norwegians who speak excellent English. These interactions enhance your cruising experience, providing you with invaluable insights from the people who call your destination home.
This concept of travelling with the locals, rather than locals travelling with you, is a refreshing perspective. And what could be more authentic than going on a Norwegian cruise line, and mingling with the locals in their homeland?
The practical aspect of the journey is also impressive. For example, the distance between two ports could take eight hours by car, while the same journey on Havila could be around an hour and 20 minutes, highlighting the convenience of these cruises.

The Sustainability Commitment of Havila Voyages Havila’s commitment to the environment and its fuel use. 

Another unique aspect is the environmental awareness that Havila shows. By 2026, the cruise line is planning to launch certain routes that operate on zero emissions, as per a directive from the Norwegian government.
This means that Havila ships can sail up specific parts of the Fjord on battery power for up to four hours, with zero emissions. This, of course, makes Havila stand out from bigger cruise lines that don’t have the same capability.

Flexible and Value-Packed Travel Packages with Havila Voyages
When it comes to the cost of this remarkable experience, Havila is flexible…

Havila also offers unique flexibility in its services, allowing you to tailor your cruise to your own needs. You could join for a long weekend, or take a 12-day round trip from Bergen, with six days going up to Kirkenes and seven days returning. Additionally, they’re working on creating flight packages and setting up other conveniences for the UK market.
The price range for these cruises is quite flexible. A package that includes a hotel stay in Bergen before and after the voyage, plus your flights and transfers, could be around three or four thousand pounds per person.

Onboard Havila Voyages: An Insider’s Review
For a more in-depth look at what Havila Voyages offers, you can check out their food and cabin reviews on YouTube…

If you’re interested in learning more about the Havila experience, you can check out our extensive review of the food, cabin, and the ship itself on our YouTube channel. And, to get a feel for the actual voyage.

Havila Voyages: A Spectacular Northern Lights Experience
While on this cruise, you can also witness one of nature’s most fascinating spectacles…

There’s nothing quite like seeing the Northern lights from the deck of a Havila ship, surrounded by snow – a truly unique and immersive experience….

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