Are Guests Booking Cruises or Not?

Join me and George Kassis, Future Cruise Consultant, onboard Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Take a trip with us as George talks about his fifteen-year career on Cruise ships. From working on ships with his schoolmates as Cruise Staff to today as the most experience Future Cruise consultant, I have ever met.

Here are some of the topics we talk about:

George was on a ship when the pandemic hit and explained the crew’s situation.

He also joined a ship at the height of the pandemic in Italy to join the crew to get the ship ready to set sail again.

Find out how long it takes to get a ship ready after a long time out of service.

What are the bookings like for George? Are guests booking or not? He explains all in this video.

Listen to George’s next contract as he prepares to fly to France to join the NCL Sky next week. Is the Sky going to be delayed? George explains all in this video.

Check out George’s YouTube Channel. He has a video of a Komodo Dragon eating lunch during one of his many cruises worldwide.…